Writer-to-Writer Essay Series

Adam Foulds

The Haunted Library

‘The inspiration to write historical fiction arrives with a strange and wonderful sensation… There’s the thrill of contact with a past that refuses to stay in the past, and there is a particular sense of commission for the writer. Here is a story that wants to be told.’ Read more.

Stephen Thompson


‘I decided to become a writer after reading A House For Mr. Biswas by V.S. Naipaul. It was the first novel I had read since leaving school, bought on the recommendation of a very persuasive second-hand bookseller, and long before I had finished reading it I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.’ Read more…

Sarah Hall

River Story

‘The other day, my daughter told me she wants to be a writer.’ Read more…

Eley Williams

On Jotting – Ten Postcards

‘I once wrote a short story titled ‘Smote’. Actually, that’s untrue: I am an unreliable narrator.’ Read more…

Chris Power

Writing Stories, Writing Jokes

‘It might begin with a man buttering a slice of toast.  Stories can begin anywhere, after all.’ Read more…

Nikesh Shukla

Ten Rounds: Boxing and Writing

‘Inspiration for new books can come from the strangest places…’ Read more…

Kerry Hudson

Take Me to Tesco’s

‘I like writing, but I love living more. I’ve said variations of this many times…’ Read more…

Raymond Antrobus

Beginning With A Line

‘The Northern Irish poet Michael Longley once said, ‘If I knew where poems came from…’ Read more…

Bernardine Evaristo

These Things I Know

“During my career I have often felt like the snail overtaken by many hares. I didn’t win full-on media attention until…” Read more …